Coach Adrian Allman, also known as Coach A, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With an extensive 15-year coaching background at various levels of youth and college basketball in NYC, he has played a significant role in programs like Big Apple Sports, Monroe College, and most recently served as an assistant coach for ASA College. Throughout his career, he has coached numerous players who have gone on to achieve remarkable success, including Kyle Allman Jr., Phil Carr, Obi Toppin, Jacob Toppin, Isaiah Whitehead, Hasan Martin, Marquis Nowell, and Justin Wright-Foreman. Notably, several of these players, such as Obi Toppin and Isaiah Whitehead, have advanced to the NBA

What sets Coach A apart is not only his deep knowledge of the game but also his remarkable patience and professionalism when working with kids. His genuine passion for basketball is evident in his dedication to mentor and guide young players.

Guseyn Ishankuliyev (AKA Coach G) is a current basketball skills trainer and former professional player. He played in Germany (regional league), Slovenia (2nd division), and Turkmenistan (1st division). As a trainer Coach G works with Big Apple Sports as the player development specialist, helping to develop players from high school all the way up to Division I college basketball as well as working with professional players on skills enhancement. Using game mimicking drills and film analysis, Coach G helps players to improve basketball IQ, develop skills, pay attention to detail, and build sportsmanship. With younger and newer players, he develops fundamentals like body mechanics (proper movement patterns), hand-eye coordination, better understanding of the game, team work, and respect to each other. With all levels of players, Coach G helps mentor to develop them to become mentally and physically strong players, as well as strong people.

Leyla Halilova (AKA Coach Lel) is a professional FIBA 3×3 basketball player. She participated in 4 World Cups, 6 Asian Cups, played in countries: Netherlands, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Turkey, China, Singapore, Mongolia, Maldives, Iran, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, & Azerbaijan. She is a medalist of multiple 3×3 basketball International Tournaments. Right now coach Leyla focuses on youth basketball development and is dedicated to the craft, passing on her experience as a player to the next generation.

Han Hangeldiyev (AKA Coach Han) a seasoned basketball player and dedicated mentor at Hoops Academy. A former Turkmen Junior National Team player, Coach Han has also played college basketball and competed at the semi-professional level. Now, he focuses on the younger generation, passionately passing on his experience and teaching the game of basketball the right way. His dedication to developing young talent and instilling the fundamentals makes him an invaluable asset to our academy. Join us and learn from one of the best as Coach Han helps shape the future stars of basketball.

Tair Sahatov (AKA Coach T) is a highly respected basketball coach and former professional player from Turkmenistan. With a rich history in both playing and coaching, Coach T has made significant contributions to the development of basketball in the region.

As a professional player, Tair Sahatov showcased exceptional skills and sportsmanship, earning him a reputation as one of the prominent figures in Turkmenistan’s basketball scene. His dedication and passion for the sport were evident throughout his playing career, inspiring many young athletes to pursue their dreams.

Transitioning from player to coach, Coach T continued to excel in the basketball community. His strategic insights, leadership qualities, and commitment to nurturing talent have earned him a place among the best coach committees in Turkmenistan. As a coach, he has mentored numerous players, guiding them to achieve their full potential and fostering a culture of excellence in the sport.

1. Q: What distinguishes Coach Adrian Allman (Coach A) from other basketball trainers?

A: Coach A brings over 15 years of coaching experience in various youth and college basketball programs in NYC. His unique approach combines a deep understanding of the game with remarkable patience and professionalism when working with young players. His dedication and genuine passion for basketball make him an exceptional mentor for aspiring athletes.

2.Q: What expertise does Coach Guseyn Ishankuliyev (Coach G) offer as a basketball skills trainer?

A: Coach G is a former professional player with experience in different leagues across Germany, Slovenia, and Turkmenistan. As a player development specialist at Big Apple Sports, he utilizes game-simulating drills and film analysis to enhance basketball IQ, skill development, attention to detail, and sportsmanship. Coach G focuses on fundamentals, teamwork, and mentoring players at all levels to become mentally and physically robust athletes.

3. Q: How does Coach Guseyn Ishankuliyev cater to players of varying skill levels?

A: Coach G has a holistic approach to training. For younger or newer players, he emphasizes fundamental aspects such as body mechanics, hand-eye coordination, and a deeper understanding of the game. With advanced players, his mentorship aims to enhance their mental fortitude and overall strength, both as players and individuals.

4. Q: What expertise does Coach Leyla Halilova (Coach Lel) bring to youth basketball development?

A: Coach Lel, a professional FIBA 3×3 basketball player with extensive international experience, focuses on sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with the younger generation. Having participated in numerous global tournaments, Coach Lel is dedicated to nurturing youth talent, passing on her expertise, and fostering a new generation of skilled basketball players.

5. Q: How can I get in touch with the New York Hoops Academy coaching team for inquiries or training sessions?

A: You can contact the coaching team via phone at +1 (786) 644-2349 or through email at [email protected]. The academy is located at 246 Adelphi St, Brooklyn, NY 11205 for any further information or to schedule training sessions.