3on3 League

3on3 League

We understand that your child may not be getting enough basketball touches, shots and playing time in the traditional 5 on 5 format, where 5 players share 1 basketball and floor is too crowded. That’s why we’re introducing 3 on 3 basketball! The format of 3×3 basketball offers unique advantages for young player development. This format enhances the overall basketball experience for young athletes, promoting rapid basketball skill acquisition that translates to regular basketball game.

Benefits of 3×3 League Basketball

  • More Shots: Increased scoring opportunities.
  • More Offensive Plays: Players engage in frequent offensive plays.
  • More Defensive Plays: Sharpen defensive skills with increased defensive actions.
  • More Ball-handing Time: Enhanced individual ball-handling control.
  • Less Players on the Court: Creates more space for Creative plays and drivers to the basket.
  • Enhanced Teamwork: Better understanding amongst players.
  • Promotes Creative Thinking: Encourages players to think creatively and try different moves.
  • More Playing Time: One substitution player which is 5 times less than regular basketball.

3×3 League Highlights

  • 3 players in a game + 1 substitution
  • 10 minutes a game (games back to back)
  • 3 games a week (on Saturdays)
  • 3 weeks season (June 1-June 15)


  • $120 to join the league