Pre-K Hoops

Pre-K Hoops

Pre-K Hoops is Basketball Program, where little ones aged 4-5 take their first steps into the world of basketball fun!


  1. Playful Skill Development: Expert coaches use creative drills for motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and basic basketball techniques.
  2. Building Confidence: Small groups foster personalized attention, nurturing confidence and a positive mindset.
  3. Team Building: Emphasis on teamwork and social interaction through engaging group activities.
  4. Age-Appropriate Equipment: Safe and comfortable sessions with toddler-sized basketballs.
  5. Fun-filled Sessions: Interactive games and positive reinforcement for an enjoyable learning experience.
  6. Parent Involvement: Parents encouraged to join in, creating a supportive bond beyond the court.

Practice Location: 510 Clermont Ave, Brooklyn

Schedule: Thursdays, 3:30-4:15 pm

Program Dates: April 4th – June 20th

Waiting List Available! Secure your toddler’s spot today for a vibrant introduction to basketball at Hoops Academy.